Website Maintenance

Every website needs updating occasionally. From simple design updates to updating links and making minor text or images changes to a web page, updating your website will increase your traffic, your sales and your reputation as your status as a professional in your industry. Imagine More Design Studios can update your copy, optimize your site, enhance the functionality of your website and more.

Our maintenance includes:

  • Minor updating (ie. image resizing, small text changes, etc.)
  • Training on using any special features installed on your site
  • Monitoring search engine submission and keywords saturation
  • Product or service changes

  • Website maintenance does not include major changes such as:

  • Navigation changes
  • Changing colors or images
  • Changing content over two paragraphs or adding extra pages
  • Changing servers or domain names
  • Major changes typically require altering more than 50% of the web page content (which essentially involves constructing a new webpage)